Our poster for the episode we did with Vicky!

Our interview with Vicky Donnolley about Bradford District Care Foundation Trust

Written by podcast team members Tom and Luke, post script by podcast lead Adam

Our interview with Vicky Donnelly, the Strategic Health Facilitator at the Bradford Distract Care Foundation Trust at Waddiloves.

We found it interesting as we found out what a Learning Disability Health support Team was and what they did. She explained to us about each service and what they did
The improvement was tape on the mixing deck to show where the volume level should be.
Overall we thought it was a great interview.

Adam: This was our first interview recorded in 2023, and it was such an interesting and exciting interview! We have worked with Vicky many times so it was really good to be able to get her behind a microphone and really learn about what her role entails. The guys mentioned in their blog post above our new setup for the mixing desk, where we have added some tape to our mixing desk to make it easier for our guys to work it – particularly for the members of our team who are visually impaired. Thanks for your hard work everyone!