We are a self-advocacy organisation, and our campaigning and advocacy is an essential part of the work we do. Our members are always encouraged to use their voices to challenge the status quo to bring about a positive change for people in our community.

Equality in Abortion Law

In the UK babies without down syndrome are allowed to be aborted up to 24 weeks. Babies with down syndrome are allowed to be aborted right up to the due date. We supported Heidi Crowter’s appeal to change this law at the Royal Courts in London.

Changes to the Human Rights Act

Tom Walsh and Catrina Farnell worked with Dr Lucy Series to create an easy read guide so it could help people be clear about how changes to human rights law might affect rights to liberty for people in care.

Health Passport Awareness

A VIP hospital passport gives hospital staff important information about you. If you take it with you if you need to go into hospital and keep it next to your bed. If you need help to fill it in ask a member of staff, your family, a friend, a member of staff, your GP or nurse.

The Taxi Campaign

The taxi campaign was a project to stop taxis charging more to wheelchairs. We found that members in wheelchairs were being charged up to double in comparison to the same journey of someone without a wheelchair.

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