How can you help?

What your donations do:

Donations help our organisation run, they go towards ensuring our service has the funds to keep going, enabling staff to support the people in our local area with learning disabilities and/or autism. We are unlike many other organisations because the members are doing work in a professional office environment. In that office our incredible members dedicate their time and efforts working to becoming the best self-advocates they can be. We are very proud.

Being a self-advocate is an important job and it’s particularly important in the disabled community. Being able to communicate one’s feelings and experiences is so important not just in our personal lives but in professional situations too, our members are well aware that when they stand up collectively they also represent others in the community whose voices aren’t heard.

Your donations will help us continue to make sure that members are encouraged and supported to share their voice; so we can help them shape their services and the environment around them. Donations are actively supporting the continuing work we do to ensure the world is adapted to their needs.

We work on the basis of the social model of disability; that if the world were truly accessible there would be no disabilities. We fight every day to educate others on how they can be accessible in their personal and professional lives.

One example of this is when our wheelchair user members shared their experiences of getting overcharged by taxis simply because they have a wheelchair. The organisation ran some investigations and found this was a common issue within our area. They then took their fight to the London Courts and got the LAW CHANGED! Just think of what we could achieve with more funding?!

With the current financial climate, funding is hard to get so getting small donations from our community will have a big impact on our little organisation with big dreams and an even bigger heart. So please donate what you can, we truly appreciate it!

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