Our studio with all of our guests!

Our interview about the Red Bag project went well.

Written by podcast team member Luke, postscript by podcast lead Adam

Everyone answered all the questions very well, their answers were thought that was good.

We learned that the red bag project was launched in Bradford last week after it was successful in Wakefield. We also learned the red bag is for adults with learning disabilities going into hospital. Something we feel that could be improved was it felt cramped because we had a lot of people in the studio. In the future we will look to only have 1 or 2 guests at one time.

Adam: Thanks so much to the Red Bag team for coming in and talking to us about the Red Bag project! It’s really important that we share this information to help people with learning disabilities in our area. This scheme has already been proven to be a great success following it’s rollout in Wakefield, so we really encourage everyone to look at getting a Red Bag for themselves, it could make a huge positive difference in a hospital trip which can be such a stressful time.