Our last picture with Hanna at her leaving party!

On Wednesday the first of February 2023, the People First Podcast Crew interviewed Hanna Bennett, who was our Chief Officer for many years.

Written by podcast member Luke, postscript by podcast lead Adam

During the interview on the day, she pointed out in one of our questions, that she wasn’t unhappy at PFKC however had just decided to retire due to reasons out of our hands.

We thought Hanna answered all our questions with enough positive answers and we all agree she tried her best as she’d never come on the podcast before. It made a great episode except for the end, when she became a little bit emotional for a moment or two.

We all miss Hanna very much already and wished her all the best for the future.

Adam: Speaking to Hanna was a very interesting and unique podcast. Getting an insight into Hanna’s career at People First was a really positive experience for our members. For the guys who have been at PFKC for a long time they have shared much of that journey, and for the newer members they were able to find out more about how much work Hanna has done for People First. Thank you to Hanna for all your years of hard work from everyone at People First Keighley & Craven!