Our Health Check professionals in our studio!

Health Check Information

Written by podcast team member Graeme, postscript by podcast staff lead Adam

I went away from this interview having learnt how important health checks are, and I wondered if they should be more frequent. Maybe every six months instead of every year? It means people with learning disabilities are looking at their health more often. People should see their doctors more and be more aware of their health needs. Jess and Natalie were good guests because they demonstrated and explained things very clearly and in a professional way. I felt reading the questions want well and I felt happy. Thank you jess and Natalie!

Adam: We have been doing a lot of work around Annual Health Checks in our office this year so it made sense to share that info with our listeners. Thank you Jess and Natalie for one of the most fun interviews we have done. The team really enjoyed laughing and joking with you both about the recording and we’re all really happy with how it all turned out!