This week at People First Keighley and Craven…

✧ We have been having more discussions about voting in the lead up to the General Election on Thursday! We found out that around 67% of our members had registered to vote and were planning to go to a polling station or had already sent in a postal vote – which is the same as the percent of people who voted all across the country in the 2019 General Election. We are very proud of our all our members who wanted to vote for making sure their voices could be heard in the election!

✧ Tuesday saw our members Tom, Adrian, Lucy and Lindsey alongside our manager Catrina delivered a great lecture at Airedale Hospital to new inductees! This included our presentation about communication and a session of work. We are so proud of all of them for representing People First KC amazingly and are glad to have gotten so many lovely comments from the people they worked with!

Image shows 4 people in front of a hospital building posing for a photo. They all have learning disabilities and one person is in a wheelchair. They are all smiling and looking at the camera.

✧ Back in the office, on Tuesday afternoon our member Kim gave a wonderful presentation about her life story! We all learned a lot about her, including about her her award from Specsavers for Wellbeing Ambassador!

✧ On Wednesday the podcast team released a special episode of the People First Podcast! Following our plant-based week in April, a few members of the team have been doing a taste test of four different vegan foods – including plant-based sausages, dairy free cheese and oat milk. A lot of people hadn’t tried vegan food before so it was very interesting to hear their thoughts! A video version AND an audio version were released this week, which can be found on our PFKC Podcast page and the People First Podcast YouTube channel.

Image shows 3 people with learning disabilities, each sat at a black table with a microphone in front of them. They are all smiling and are in the middle of talking. Behind them is a digital orange background. Poster text reads:

✧ On Thursday, our member David had a Zoom meeting with Cerin from Eat, Move, Be Happy and spoke about the exercises in the workout session he is planning for our Wellbeing Week later this month! Everyone in the office even to the chance to have a go at using some resistance bands.

✧ On Thursday we received a donation for ASDA of water and dried fruit for every member on each day of the Wellbeing Week! Thank you to Community Champion Susie at the Keighley store for arranging this for us!

✧ And on Friday, we were joined by a new person doing a taster session in our office, Benjamin! He joined the rarest of our team in writing personal profiles for a new file in our office! It has little cards of information about all of our staff, member and volunteers that anyone new to our office can easily look through and learn more about all of us.