***The Big Thanks at Broughton Hall***

The words the big thanks on a blue background

On Wednesday 6th December the members of People First Keighley and Craven were joined by friends, family, colleagues and carers in the grounds of the beautiful Broughton Hall near Skipton. […]

Art In The PFKC Office

Have you noticed the artwork in The People First Keighley And Craven office? If you haven’t seen it yet we thought we would highlight a few pieces to show you […]

Co-Production We Love It!

We have been thinking lately about how much we enjoy working with other organisations and we did an exercise in the office to list the groups we have worked with […]

David Speech and Language Therapist (S2 EP.5)

We interviewed David about his job. he was a speech and language therapist. Written by podcast team members David and Daniel, postscript by podcast lead Adam The podcast went very […]

Billy Pearce (S1 EP.40)

Zoom interview with Billy Pearce Written by Podcast team member David, postface by podcast staff lead Adam I’d like to say to Billy, thank you for spending time talking to […]

Natasha from Shipley College (S1 EP.39)

Our Zoom interview with Natasha Written by Podcast team members Tom and Luke, postface by podcast staff lead Adam We thought the interview with Natasha was informative as we found […]

Nifty & IMAS Researchers (S1 EP.38)

Our interview about IMAS research Written by podcast team member Daniel, postface by podcast staff lead Adam I thought the interview from IMAS was very interesting. I thought we asked […]