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Keighley Town Mayor Luke Maunsell in our office after recording his episode!!

Our Interview with the Town Mayor

Written by podcast team members Graeme and David, postface by podcast staff lead Adam

I thought the interview went very well because the Town Mayor was very interesting to listen to. He was so easy to get on with and I learned what goes on in the town council.

David’s favourite part was talking to the mayor about his job as a teacher. He learned about his favourite parts about working in a school.

We would love to have him back on the show again in the future!

Adam: What a terrific episode this was to work on! It’s really important to our team that we talk about things that are fun, but aren’t scared of talking about important and serious issues. This interview with Luke gave us both as we covered his love of teaching and his fundraising exploits, but also got to discuss his own mental health history and how important it is for people (and particularly those with a disability) to look after their mental health and have the appropriate support. A big thank you to Luke for coming in and talking to us, he brought a really positive atmosphere to our studio and as you can see above, the team really enjoyed having him on the show!!