Hi my name is Caitlin, this is a day in my life at People First Keighley and Craven

I arrive by car and greet my PA. I come upstairs by using the lift, I say good morning to everyone and get a warm welcome from everyone at People First.  

I get a cup of tea or coffee, depending on what I fancy at the time.

I log onto the computer and work through my work that I have been assigned. I work alongside my PA who helps me with my work.

Sometimes we work as a group with the other people who come to people first, I enjoy this because we get a lot of different ideas.  Sometimes I work independently on the computer on my own tasks.

I have my lunch in the room with the others, I bring my own lunch which my PA helps me with.

I enjoy my time at People First as there is a great group of people that I feel are my friends.

Coming to People First makes me feel a part of something good. I feel like I am becoming a great advocate for People First because I can get my point across and feel like I am listened to and understood.

I like coming to People First because I get to take part in a range of important topics like the Beamsley project which is a learning holiday which I took part in and had a fantastic time.

At the end of the day I gave a presentation and then we do our end of the day feedback.

I’m there until 3pm and then go home.