What a Load of Scrap!

What a load of Scrap scheme is a European Social Fund project to help our members learn food skills, business skills, receive an education in economical shopping and an opportunity to work both as a team and individually. It also provides an opportunity to have peer to peer support.​

Tereza and Kay run the sessions, and it’s incredibly inspiring hearing their passion about the value of learning cooking, home economics and independence skills. When I went down to see what happens at the Cook and Book I sincerely wished that I had joined something like this when I was younger.​

Kay has also incorporated mindfulness into the work which adds another level to this incredible project. There are so many transferable skills involved in this course.​

The members have used this time to come up with entrepreneurial ideas and have begun using critical thinking skills.​

As a witness to the member’s progress it’s amazing seeing how much they have progressed with their skills.​


They are assisted by Morgan, who runs the wake up shake up and admin to help Tereza and Kay.