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About People First

People First Keighley and Craven used to be called the Out There Club.  It started in 2002 in an office at Acres House in Keighley. James Brown started the organisation because he wanted to organise his own nights out and not have them planned for him by other people.

We also offer support to carers by providing short breaks, these can be through the day, evenings or weekends. In 2003 we had our first social night out and we have been holding them every month since. In April 2006 we became People First Keighley & Craven. We decided to become People First Keighley & Craven advocacy group so we could speak up and help people with learning disabilities. 

There are lots of People First organisations all over the world, however we are all independent. We are affiliated (connected) to National People First in London. In 2008 we became a registered charity, our charity number is 1125278.

We are an accredited training centre with NCFE, offering lots of different courses and training, we can tailor our training to meet your needs.


Hi, my name is Patrick. I am a member at People First. I work on the computers and in groups. I am here on Tuesdays. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family.

Jagtar Bahra
Joint IT Officer

I am a Joint IT Officer at People First designing posters, updating the website and going on the Social Nights. I like playing with my PlayStation 3 and 4, watching videos on You Tube, going to Tru Gym in Keighley, playing rugby with the Bumblebees, watching talent shows on TV and playing on my Electronic Music Keyboard.

Martin Parr

I like playing football for my team and I support Manchester United. I love anything football and talking to my friends. I enjoy walking and keeping active. I have been working at People First for less than a year and I like coming here because I want to learn new things and work as a team. I am good at typing on computers because I can type fast. I have made some good friends at People First.

Alex Millar
Joint IT Officer

I am happy at People First and have made some good friends. I help in the office on the website and also fix the computers if there are any problems. I like to go to social nights, and be a team player.


I help out with any tasks that need doing when I am at the office. I like Dani's Castle, Prison Break, Harry Potter and support Liverpool. I enjoy playing on my smartphone and PlayStation. I also play basketball and read books in my spare time.

Sam Day
Self Advocacy and Development Worker

Matthew Holgate

All about me :) Hi my name is Matthew Holgate I am 24 years old and I come to work at People First because I am a self-advocate who speaks up for others who have not got the ability or confidence to speak for themselves and others. I like football and I support Bradford City and I have a season ticket and go to every home game and an occasional away game locally. I play for Bradford Disability football club and I have played in a tournament in Holland and Germany.

David Sellers

Hi my name is David. I enjoy working at People First Keighley & Craven. I work on the radio station with George, help out around the office and meet staff and friends on Friday.

Debra Purkiss

Angela Day
Support Worker

Adrian Swallow

Hi my name is Adrian Swallow. I have joined People First Keighley & Craven because I want to stand up for people with learning disabilities. My skills are reading and working on the computer. I became vice-chairperson in 2017 along with joint treasurer, and have since become chairperson. I also graduated to be a leader in Tomorrows Leaders. I like socialising with friends, bowling and playing pool and snooker. What I want to do at People First Keighley & Craven is is attend meetings, get involved in campaigns and take part in social events.

Rachel Snowden

My name is Rachel Snowden and I work in the office on Wednesdays as the secretary. In my spare time I like to play on my Xbox One, go on long walks, do jigsaws and like to spend time with my husband and family.

Owen Sangster
Events Blogger

My name is Owen Sangster, I have been at People First since January 2014. I produce the Coming Soon Blog and I work on the campaigns on Thursdays. My hobbies include bowling and Athletics. I also like to go to the theatre and the social nights.

George Riley
Self Advocacy and Development Worker

My name is George Riley, I have worked at People First since the summer of 2018. I supervise the Radio Show project, Real Talk Radio. I am also a Self Advocacy and Development Worker here at People First KC. I like to listen to music, and make music with my friends, and I like to listen to radio shows from all over the world.

Simon Waggett
Publicity officer

My name is Simon Waggett. I work at PFKC on Thursdays where I produce a newsletter with my friend David Parr. I enjoy riding horses, watching football and using my Ipad.

David Parr
Publicity Officer

My name is David Parr, I work at PFKC on Thursdays. I produce a news letter with my friend Simon. My hobbies include listening to music, going to the cinema and I enjoy going on the social nights.

Katie Shackleton
Training and Resources Preparation

My name is Katie Shackleton, I work at PFKC on Thursdays. I do office work and I help with the campaigning. I enjoy the social nights and I enjoy working with all the people at PFKC.

Hanna Bennett
Chief Officer

I joined the group in September 2007. My job is to try and make sure that we have a representative at all the meetings and to make sure that everyone has a job and role in the group. In my spare time I enjoy cooking and researching my family tree and going for walks with my family and my dog.

Tracey Line
Fund Raising Officer and Joint Treasurer

My name is Tracey Line and I work in the Office at People First as a fundraising officer. I volunteer on the Summer Scheme, help plan for the Easier Access Event and attend Meetings. I enjoy working on the computers and attend People First twice a week. I like to come here because I have made good friends and I really like the staff.

Lizzie Allen
Publicity and Art Worker

My name is Lizzie and I have two sisters and a French Bulldog called Colonel Mustard. I enjoy dancing, acting, swimming, walking on the treadmill, bowling, going to the theatre, on holidays, writing, sticking, cutting and making scrapbooks of Tom Jones. I like listening to Micheal Jackson, Tom Jones and Sam Smith. I go to Big Soup, performing in shows and go to the Avalon Out and About group in Skipton.

Caroline Morgan

Hello my name is Caroline and I am the administrator here at People First. I have been a volunteer since 2013, helping with the accounts once a month. Last November I start working 3 days a week as the Administrator, which is temporary to start with so that everyone can decide if it's useful for the organisation and particularly if it helps Hanna with some of her work, Some of the things I do are keep records of all the money we spend on running our offices and our activities, and all the income we get from fundraising and grants. I have been setting up new systems to help us with running our organisation - one example is that I have been doing some work with our members data base so that we can more easily produce up to date lists for posting out letters, event invitations and other information. Before I came to People First, I worked with other charities across West Yorkshire, doing lots of different administrative work but mostly as Grants and Monitoring Officer. This meant I helped organisations to keep records of all the work they did and advised them on how to report all of their achievements to the funders. The best think about working with People First is meeting such great people - I am slowly getting to know some of you a bit better now through going on the London Trip and working with you in the offices. I've had lots of really good help from everyone, and I still lots to learn from you all. When I am not working, I like to learn about local history, and visiting lots of new places in my campervan

Rebecca Purkiss

I enjoy working at People First because my friends are there and help with any typing that needs doing. In my spare time I enjoy watching films and sitcoms,80s music, rock and seeing Playing For Kicks live.

Charlotte Longbottom
Events Manager

I come to People First because it helps build my confidence and make new friends. I deliver See Ability training with Lindsey and Brian. In my spare time I enjoy going shopping, going to the cinema and theatre, spend time with my friends, watch soaps and films and read.

Stephen Whiteside
Heath and Safety Officer/ Social Media Administrator

I am the Heath and Safety Officer at People First. I enjoy coming because I can see my friends and work in the office. In my spare time I enjoy horse-riding, watch T.V, films, reading magazines and books and playing computer games. I'm also in the Special Olympics and won medals. I support Man Utd, Arsenal, Leicester Citt, Bradford City, Leeds Utd, Grimsby Town and Preston.

Rebecca Brooksbank

My name is Rebecca Brooksbank I am 25 years old I like doing most things such as watching t.v, going to see shows and the cinema I like going out with family and friends, I have started working here recently, I like working here because I like working on the computers, making new friends and helping others.

Sarah Clapperton
Event manager

Daniel Jones

My hobbies are swimming going to the gym and walking, I like to keep active and fit. I like coming to People First because I enjoy working in the office and making posters on the computers. I got to know People First members and staff on Summer Scheme trips a few years ago which I loved. The first time I worked in the office was when I attended the Personal Social and Development Course. I then decided I wanted to volunteer and work here on a permanent basis.

Sarah Bunton
Talking Mats advisor

I am Sarah and I like all sorts, such as doing creative arts, going to the cinema with friends and meals out. I am a sociable person. I like coming to People First because I meet with my friends and we work on office jobs. My favourite is working on Talking Mats which is a communication tool. I deliver training on how this works and how to use it, I have delivered Talking Mat training to Services, Social Workers, Carers, and Providers and to anyone who support people with communication difficulties.

Jane Whatmuff

My name is Jane Whatmuff and I am the secretary. My hobbies are going to live music, theatre/shows, shopping and eating out. I like coming to People First because I have a lot of skills, reading, writing, typing and helping members with their spelling mistakes. I enjoy the banter at lunch time with my friends. I do the minutes for the management committee. I have been here for many years since The Out There Club which started in 2003.

Lindsey Hurt

My name is Lindsey Hurt. I started working in the office in 2014. I became chairperson in 2015 because I wanted to make a difference in the office. These include: making sure other members are not bullied, everyone is given respect and by ensuring everyone pays for brews. I go to a lot of meetings including Access to Information. Now I???m delivering some training about Dementia awareness, I volunteer to come into Personal and Social Development course to support people on the course.

Steven Brundle
People First Representative for Healthier Lives

I'm Steven and I like to do weightlifting. I do competitions in this and I am in the Special Olympics. I like to walk, keep fit and enjoy a good cake. I like People First because I got on with all the staff and members. I sit on the Healthier Lives reference group and attend their meetings.

Tom Walsh
Joint IT Officer/Campaign Worker

I joined People First in September 2009 and at the time they had no IT Officer so at the 2009 AGM I was given this role. This involves working on the computer and updating the website and updating Facebook (I've already surprised them with my skills) and I am really enjoying it. I'm part of the campaigning group and work on the taxi campaign. I represent members at various meetings including the Mobility Planning Group. I also work at Bradford Talking Media and help produce easy-read leaflets. In my spare time I enjoy reading, going on my Playstation 4 and Wii U, listening to music, going to the gym on Tuesdays and watching TV (most of my friends think I watch rubbish such as X Factor. No taste!!!).