Every last Thursday of the month we have a social night.  The social night is decided by the members and you can either phone the office, vote in the office or by email.  We will email you where we are going and the date and time.

We run a summer scheme for younger members, get in touch for more information.

If there is something you wold like to see us do, get in touch and have a chat.

We provide training to different groups such as opticians, dentists, students, carers and hospital staff so that they know how to treat people with learning disabilities.  We also go into schools to help students who are about to leave school in their transition to the adult world and to college.  Some examples of the training we offer are :

  • Hate crime training, healthy eating and See Ability.
  • Talking Mats
  • Optician
  • Diabetes self care

We campaign to help people with disabilities.  In the past we've campaigned about the  Passport to Leisure cards as the council was thinking of stopping it.  We help people fill in forms  who are entitled to it.  

One of the main campaigns we are working on is the taxi campaign to stop Private Hire taxis overcharging people in wheelchairs.  You can find out more information about this in the blog and a couple of short videos in the 'Gallery' section.