Billy giving us a “thumbs up” during our Zoom interview.

Zoom interview with Billy Pearce

Written by Podcast team member David, postface by podcast staff lead Adam

I’d like to say to Billy, thank you for spending time talking to us. I really enjoyed reading the questions, speaking to you interesting. If we get any more questions, we hope see you on another episode.  

Adam: It was a real pleasure to have Billy on the show for a second time, especially as it gave some of our team who missed the recording of our last episode with Billy a chance to talk to the man himself! It’s important to have some episodes that are just great fun alongside some of the more educational content we produce. It was one of our longest episodes in quite a long time, but that was because we had so much interesting stuff that we couldn’t bear to cut any of it out!! Thanks again Billy for taking the time to talk to us!